Best Gadged T3 Awards 2011

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Samsung finally stepped over Apple in the race the best cellular phone. According to British media gadgets, T3, made ​​phone Samsung Galaxy SII is superior to the iPhone 4.

Thus, the predicate of the Best Mobile Phone 2011 fell into the hands of the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Samsung in the UK Sales Director, Andrew Glass, said the title of best mobile phones, Samsung now can say they go beyond Apple. "I think we are now one step ahead of Apple. We are number one in England," said Glass.

He added that Apple is a good product. But when compared to Samsung, Glass asserts, they are not in the same rank. "We are the number one manufacturer of mobile phones, and now you're stepping over Apple in the smartphone area," he continued.

Galaxy SII is a Samsung smart phone with Android platform. That said, this phone is the most sophisticated in its class. With dual 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB of RAM is reached, the phone is operating with Gingerbread Android operating system 2.3.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy SII excel in the field of camera and video. Things just did Apple through the iPhone 4S.

Galaxy SII was buried 8-megapixel resolution camera and video that can play 1080p Full HD. With a sleek screen AMOLED Plus Super thin body and Samsung Galaxy SII's flagship mobile phone.

Gadged T3 Awards 2011
Best Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII

Best Computer: Mac Book Air

Best Tablet: iPad 2

Best Camera: Canon PowerShot G12

Gadget for Work Best: BlackBerry Bold 9780

Best Music Gadget: Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Pro