2 Minutes To Christmas Celebration

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Pope Benedict XVI gives attention the commercialization of Christmas by the time he held a Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

"Today is a celebration of Christmas has become commercial, the bright lights hide the mystery of God's humility, which in turn called us with humility and simplicity," said
Pope, 84 years old, in his homily.

"Let us ask God to help us see through the false glitter of the season, and to find a child who was behind the stable at Bethlehem, to find true joy and true light," he said.

About 10,000 people attended Christmas Eve Mass was. Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Orthodox churches commemorate some Christmas on December 25, in line with the Gregorian calendar.

Russian Churches, Jerusalem, Serbian and Georgian Orthodox churches, Athos monasteries, some Catholics and some Protestants celebrate Christmas on January 7 in accordance with the Julian calendar.