Tom Cruise Climbs Tallest Building

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Actor Tom Cruise often doing stunts in a movie without a stunt double. It is also done in the latest movie, 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol'. The husband of actress Katie Holmes is front own stunts, which is climb the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

In the premiere of 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' in the Dubai International Film Festival, tells about his experiences Cruise jumped on the 828-meter-high building. Quoted from Reuters page, before going to Dubai, which is known actors in the movie 'Top Gun' is undergoing training for four months.

Translate the vision of the director, Brad Bird Cruise is recognized as a true challenge. "At first, you know I have one small pick here and a small rope. I remember when I was there and said 'This is the moment of truth', "says Cruise.

Cruise admitted trying to figure out how to use his legs to control the direction of motion due to wind blowing over the building. According to Cruise, took the time to practice how to not hit the building with the head first.

"I am very excited because I thought it would be very entertaining for the audience and very challenging. That is why I do it, "says Cruise.