Got The Silver of Love

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Each person would have wanted him and his family to live in peace and harmony of mutual respect, mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual keep careful not to hurt each other. In essence, each person's need the comfort, safety, and respect for dignity in everyday life interactions. The challenge, everyone has a system of self-confidence, logical thinking, perception, and belief that life can sometimes be very contradictory to each other. Including, the values ​​are perceived differently from the
source of cultural values​​, customs, beliefs, trust, and so forth.

If each person is different mutual confidence and trust is the most correct to claim, without regard to self-esteem of others; then that will happen is chaos and conflict that make anyone's life will never feel safe, never felt comfortable, and never can live in harmony together. Therefore, the required tolerance for each other keep the heart, mind and speech; so as not to offend anybody dignity through abuse of confidence and trust in other people's lives.

When you are feeling self-confidence in contrast to the belief that people should be tolerated, then let things are contradictory it lives within itself, and never let him out from within to destroy the harmony of life to reconcile the hearts of all people. Because, if things - things that were contrary to fill the public space, then do not ever expect to live for peace and justice can be realized to anybody.

good bye Tara Condell