Shanghai Longest Christmas Cake

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Graced the Christmas celebration this year, Hotel Shangri-La, Pudong, China, serve cake special chef creations 80 reliably. Not just any cake, because this sweet meal stretches up to 1068 meters.
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With over one kilometer long, the cake is claimed to be the longest in the world. With the original target of only 888 meters, this culinary creations beating the previous record in France
which is only 207 meters.

Made from 904 organic eggs, 1045 kilograms of flour, 209 pounds of sugar, 401 kilograms of bitter chocolate, Tahitian vanilla and 34 kilograms, such creations included 80 chefs. However, for final settlement, involving approximately 150 additional staff.

As quoted Orange, Yaran pastry chef Joseph, who was involved in spectacular creations, said, "We make a sponge cake, we grilled, then we chill. After that, we make the vanilla cream filling, before we roll. For toppings, we make chocolate frozen from a secret recipe. "

After celebrating the success of a record of the world's longest cake, piece of cake to sell the hotel manager to the visitors. The entire proceeds will be donated to help chemotherapy for four children with cancer in Shanghai.