Meteor Shower TV Program

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What TV program is again happening in August 2009, ed.] In China? YES, Meteor Shower. Reportedly, stripping soap opera that aired every day on the 8th episode that aired on August 16, 2009 has been named the highest-rated TV series every day. Amazing is not it?

Obviously, the title of Meteor Shower, due to accusations from various fans on various forums that say MS copied or mendompleng success MG (Meteor Garden, the T-drama). So, they took the title policy with a more attractive and communicative, Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together (LWMST)

Fever Boys over Flowers (BBF, Boys Before Flowers, K-drama), which still rocked the stage entertainment Asia, it also makes me curious with other versions san Chai with F4.

For a moment saw the appearance of four men in LWMST, it seems many are looking at one eye drama. But who would have thought, the controversy of sweet fruit and rating LWMST rewarded with a good number.

According to various sources, this LWMST plot with 3 different versions of HYD to get permission from the owner's story. LWMST offers a new story and a different storyline, but have the same relationship romance of a poor girl with the F4 (set of 4 cute boy from a wealthy family)

Meteor Shower