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How to Create a SEO Friendly Blog.

For those of you who want to create a Blog or Website there are some things that should be considered, namely knowledge about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, especially SEO blog.

Each of us want our blogs to get a response is good and visited by many people, then SEO is indispensable. This blog contains basic information Google SEO, so the blog that you generate can be SEO friendly and well indexed in Google.

Stephanie Lebel Bérubé

Here are tips on SEO before and after you start a blog or website to SEO friendly:

The important thing is that you must have a focus on the theme for what makes a blog or create your website, so the content or the content of your blog has a quality that qualified. Do not create a blog that focus widened.
If you have a few themes, create multiple blogs for these themes is highly recommended. In essence, try to create a blog or create your website with a specific theme.
Keep the content or the content of your blog or website as unique-unique and quality. You have to write or create something fresh and rarely blogs or other websites that have quality content the same.
If you ask someone else (the webmaster) to create a blog template or create your website, make sure the webmaster is that you want your blog or website SEO friendly. I'm sure the webmaster would understand this.
If you will put your blog or website in a web hosting provider, make sure the speed of access to the Internet quickly because one of Google for its search algorithms is the rapid access to your blog or website.
Learn Google SEO Basics before you start to create a blog or create a website. This is necessary for doing good SEO is to do it before your blog or website created.
Choose a domain name or URL and the title of your blog in accordance with the theme of your blog or website that you will make.
Do not use means to create a blog or create a website just copy and paste the content of other websites because Google will put away your position in the search list (SERP).
Do not ever think that the instant your blog or website will quickly visited by many visitors and make money with a snap. Just fill constantly your blog by making a post that content quality because visitors will return again if they find something interesting.
Socializing with ways to share your blog or website via Facebook, Twitter, Digg or blog walking (visiting other blogs) and qualified to comment on the blog.
Make changes to the Google SEO techniques necessary to make your blog or your website Search Engine Optimization friendly.