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We are very conscious of your trust in us and our responsibility to protect your privacy. As part of this responsibility, we tell you what information we collect when you use our products and services, the reasons for collecting it, and how to use it to enhance your experience.

We have five privacy principles that describe our approach to privacy and user information for all products:

1. Utilizing information to provide products and services of value to users.
2. Develop standards and products that reflect strong privacy practices.
3. Making the collection of personal information transparent.
4. Provide a meaningful option for users to protect their privacy.
5. Guards are responsible for the information we hold.

Privacy Center is made to provide easily understandable information about our products and policies, to assist you in making a more reasoned choices about the products you use, how to use it, and the information you provide to us.

Google offers a range of advertising services through our AdWords and AdSense programs to show you ads that are most useful and relevant information online. The ads appear on Google's sites and services, the partner website on Google Display Network and also on certain Google applications and Third Party as well as other clients. Some ads are based primarily on a search query or the content of pages that you see. When providing ads tailored to your interests, we offer a useful tool for you to view and manage the information being collected and used to serve ads.