Why We Often Fart?

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Actually, gas is always present in our stomach and intestines, as in the oral cavity we always have our air suction (without us knowing it) routinely as long as we are able to breathe. This part will swallow air when we swallow the saliva that also regularly without us knowing well that we do.

In addition, the stomach will produce gastric acid production when the gas is high, because the food that will be smoothed so that there is no stomach acid will experience an enzymatic reaction that will produce gas.

Another thing that can cause the gas we get is foods we eat such as turnips, cabbage and sweet potatoes.

Last is the process of fermentation that is not going well and it is mainly when eating unfamiliar foods, canned foods such as corned beef or sardens, which will also be produced gas that often smells bad.

If this just happened, it may be related to the food consumed and usually goes away by itself if the type of food we eat is no longer.

But if this continues, although the types of gas-producing foods we subtract, then you should immediately seek medical treatment for the cause.