10 Habits that Can Ruin Teeth

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1. Teeth as tools
Many people use their teeth as a tool for opening bottles, chip bags, clothing price tags, even to cut the cable. This can have a traumatic effect on the teeth that causes tooth edges weaken and cause malocclusion.

2. Chewing ice
Many people habitually chew on ice cubes, especially ice remaining after completion of an ice cold beverage. Hard and cold temperatures of ice cubes can actually cause teeth to fracture. It could even be made part of the tooth enamel is damaged. Dentists recommend to let the ice melt in the mouth such as eating candy, rather than destroy it with my teeth instead.

3. Chewing hard objects
Not a few people who have a habit of chewing hard objects such as pencils, nails and other hard objects. The main function should return the teeth to chew food.

4. Sucking on lemons
If done on a continuous basis, the citric acid in lemons can leach important minerals in the tooth and scrape the outer tooth surfaces, thus making the teeth become sensitive to cold foods or beverages. However, this situation does not mean that you should give up on all citrus fruits. You just need to make sure that you do not continue to suck in the mouth for a long time.

5. Brushing too hard
Many thought that by applying more pressure when brushing or using a fluffy brush makes the teeth more shiny hardware. This is a false myth that should be avoided. If you brush too hard or using a hard toothbrush hairy, can damage the protective enamel on your teeth. It also can cause receding gums and tooth sensitivity increases.

6. Nail Biting
The habit of nail biting can be bad for your teeth. This can cause your front teeth broken or cracked. Not only that, the habit of nail biting will provide an opportunity for germs and bacteria in the nail to go into the oral cavity and cause gum infection.

7. Gritted his teeth while sleeping
Chronic Brukisme aka grinding teeth can cause various problems such as broken and loose teeth. It can also cause pain in the jaw joints, headache and toothache. To limit such damage, your dentist will generally advise you to wear a mouth guard.

8. Drinking white wine
Many people choose white wine over red wine as an option to avoid stains on teeth. But in fact, white wine can lead to a more permanent problem because the high acidity. For protection, rinse your mouth with water after drinking and eating cheese to offset the acidity of the wine.

9. Excessive consumption of soft drinks
Carbonated sweet drinks is one of the most potential food source damaging teeth. This is not just a matter of sugar content in soft drinks are bad for your teeth but the acid that is inserted into the drink also contributes to the formation of cavities.

10. Thumb Sucking
Thumb sucking is one of the most common habits among children. But this can interfere with the position of the upper and lower front teeth, thus causing the upper teeth extend out or crooked. One treatment that can be done is with orthodontic treatment.