High Tech Tool Called Plasma Brush

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More recently, scientists from the University of Missouri, United States, creating tartar cleaning tools without pain. High-tech tool called "Plasma Brush" it will be marketed next two years.

Plasma Brush can clean teeth that decay within 30 seconds. Even the patient will feel a slight sensation of cold. With that tool, cleaning cavities can be done to the fullest. So the fillings in your teeth will last longer, because when patch
done with the maximum.

Professor Hao Li representing the scientists along with medical technology companies Nanova confident that the new device is a major breakthrough in the practice of dentistry. "Our study shows that the patches are able to hold 60 percent more powerful with the plasma brush," he said.

The absence of evidence of adverse effects from use of these tools. But scientists are conducting further research on the matter. Overview of the pain of cleaning teeth tartar or patching will end with the help of Plasma Brush.