How to Increase Body Weight

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Probably usually many people want to lose weight. But there was also difficult to know who gain weight even though only 1 kilogram of course! 've Tried many different ways, from eating to drinking a lot of supplements or special milk to gain weight.

Sometimes, instead of the wrong way, but indeed the condition of our bodies are less healthy, so it is very difficult to gain weight. Not just fat people that need to be aware of health, but the person who was so skinny, because susceptible to malnutrition and lack of nutrition.

The program could begin to gain weight with adequate caloric intake. You need more calories than the body needs to maintain an ideal weight. Healthy source of calories derived from olive oil, almonds, potatoes, corn cheese as well.

You also have to meet nutritional needs. There are six essential nutrients the body needs to function properly, including:

The body needs carbohydrates for energy. If you want to increase the weight, you must eat enough carbohydrates. A good source of carbohydrates derived from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Carbonated beverages, cappuccino and fruit juice does contain lots of sugar and fat make you faster, but not healthy. Eat healthy drinks such as orange juice, guava, mango or vegetable smoothies. Healthy Carbohydrates can also be obtained from brown rice and cereals. Whole wheat is a source of fiber and nutrients. Eat at breakfast or in between meals as snacks. But choose a free or contain less sugar.

Your body needs protein for muscle formation, structure of organs and maintaining the body's immune system function. Protein is also needed to produce hormones and chemic substances in the brain called neurotransmitters. You need to carefully choose healthy sources of protein, for example from fish meat, chicken and nuts. It's okay to eat meat, but you should limit only twice a week. Choose fresh cut meat and avoid processed like a sausage, beef bolognaise or burgers.

Required body fat as energy reserves, maintain healthy hair, skin and nerve function. And, of course, contribute to weight gain. But you must be careful, eat healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6.

Omega-3 derived from fish, seafood and the walnuts. While omega-6 can be obtained from vegetable oils, such as sun seed oil, coconut oil and corn oil. But remember, do not consume too much because it can disrupt the body's balance system metamolisme. In addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, you also need a monounsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil. This type of fat will help keep blood vessels healthy system.

Consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables so that your vitamin needs are met. Foodlovers can combine several vegetables and fruits a day. Basically, almost all fruits contain vitamins from vitamin A, C, E, D, B, K, and so on.

Calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, potassium, and fluorine is the type of minerals that the body needs. The types of these minerals each of which serves to form and maintain bone density and tooth, forming hemoglobin in the blood, the hormone thyroxine, regulate smooth muscle work, and many other functions. Almost all feed materials containing minerals, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, red meat, salt, milk and cheese.

It is clear, the water is a very important source for the body. Water efficacious fade toxins in the body, digestive system, skin retain moisture, maintain healthy kidneys, and so on. Drink water at least 2 liters or eight cups per day.

Tips to fat healthy body. Quote often have thin bodies make us not confident, kinds wrote his nickname, from the board walk, the legs of mosquitoes, worms, de es be easy, that everything just makes us want to hang myself insecure.

If counting,  many people [especially girls] who wants manage body. Because according to research lbih girls feel fat than thin. But not a few also tablets of girls / boy who feel skinny and want fatting body.

So, for you who want fat, follow these healthy tips to fat.

1. Add a portion of Eating
Add your eating slowly-2 [do not directly, because your stomach needs adjustment]. This recipe proved most effective for weight adds. But certainly wrote you should consider your digestive ability, not until well beyond digestive ..

2. Eating 6x a day
Try to eat at least 5x a day. Morning at 9, lunch at 11, trus at 2. In the afternoon eating again around 5, then night at 7. If still capable and still literate, eat again around 10. It sounds scary en rada Quote wacky, but as long as you are healthy foods and portions are appropriate, this trick can make the scales go up drastically.

3. Enough Rest
Useless eat a lot if your body can not rest. So, set a healthy sleep pattern, at least 8 hours a day. If less than 8 hours a day, you can snacking in busy time for rest briefly. Make the body always in comfortable circumstances.

4. Sport
Sport is very important for the process of forming and maintaining your body metabolism. So, if you want fat, do regular exercise .. Fokusin sport for the formation of muscle mass, such as fitness or body language. This is what makes your body more contained and shaped

5. Healthy Excellent
In addition to serving control and intensity of food, eating species should also be considered. Do not carelessly choose food. Find the appropriate menu 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. Moreover, in order fatting gain, milk tablets really important, you should drink milk 4 times daily, especially whole milk.

6. Additional Supplements
Nothing wrong with you add the consumption of food supplements, appetite enhancer or other vitamins can maintain your body's health.

7. Snacking
Snacking has demonstrated efficacy and quick increase weight. So, if you want to add weight quickly, let's  snacking culture. Bring snacks everywhere, especially chocolate.

8. Honey and Fish Oil
To add your appetite naturally, you can eat honey or fish oil. In addition to maintaining fitalitas functioning of the body, honey & fish oil also adds appetite..

9. Drink Lots of Water
Drinking water... It sounds not connect. But do not underestimate first. Water was very instrumental for maintaining the health of our bodies loh. With drinking water and make our body healthy digestion smoothly. If digestive already well automated programs fatting our body can quickly succeed.

Avoid The Things Below:

1. Stress
Stress is the most important thing that makes weight loss. In addition, stress is also believed to be the medical world as the cause of various diseases. So, avoid it if you want to plump and healthy.

2. Tired
Tired can also make weight loss difficult ride. Eat as much as any body's not going to influence if we diforsir continue without adequate rest. So from now on, give attention your own body language. Do not make your body beyond limits.

3. Drinking Soda
Soda makes the stomach feel full sooner If stomach already full, we automatically so not hungry again, right? So don't drinks containing soda, especially before eating.

4. After Eat Drink Live
After eat you should not drink water directly. Wait for some time [eg 25 minutes] of new drinking water. This trick can make you eat a lot and still slim stomach.

Now that's a healthy tips fatting body and the things you must avoid, now you not need to worry anymore with your body that's thin. You can also freely pake black dress without fear of plasticity thin. With a healthy body and contains, you're also going to look more fres. no side effects "you would be wasteful" because of frequent snacks and often buy pants.